At Triton Water Polo Club we provide quality coaching and are proud to have some of our past champions on the poolside, coaching our next generation of water polo stars.

We are still confirming some of our Coaches for the up and coming season....


Womens Teams: 

Coaches/coordinators Women’s programs are;

Junior Women’s Co-ordinator – Jen Oberman

14’s Coordinator - Damon Childs

14A's Coach - Sam Sheed

14B's Coach - Tia Nelson

16's Coordinator - Jenny Oberman

16A’s Coach –  Vaughn Thomson/ Natalie Van Duren

16Bs Coach - Zoe Ward/ Dani Woodhouse

18A’s Coach – Vaughn Thomson


Senior Women’s Co-ordinator –  Dani Woodhouse

Premier League - Coach – Paul Oberman   Assistant Coach  - Vaughn Thomson 

A Reserve T1 Coach – Paul Oberman

A Reserve T2 Coach - Vaughn Thomson

Divison Team Coordinator - Betty Anderson  (Div 1, Div 2 & Div 3)



Mens Teams:

Coaches/coordinators men’s programs are;

Junior Men’s Coordinator - Ian Putt

14's Coordinator - Jemma Day

14B Gold - Coach – Tim Putt

14B Blue - Coach – Lewis Putt

U16A - Coach – Gaby Tebar

U16B  - Coach - Hamish St.George

U18 - Coach – Florian Naroska



Senior Men’s Coordinator -  David St George

Premier League - Coach – Mark Oberman

A Reserves - Coach – Florian Naroska

Masters  - Coach - David St George

Division 1 - Coach - Florian Naroska

Division 4 - Coach - Josh Zekulich

Division 4 - Coach - Peter Rogers