Our Committee & Constitution

Your Committee Members

The Triton volunteer committee is here to help! We represent the players, coaches, officials and everyone involved in our great club to make Triton the best it can be.

President: Glenn Townsend

Vice President: Colin Wedd

Secretary: Bryan Smith

Treasurer: Elise Horgan        

Registrar: Jen Oberman

Sponsorship: Jemma Day

Flippa Ball Coordinator : Matt Kenny    

Women’s Coordinator:  Dani Woodhouse 

Men’s Coordinator: David St George / Matt Kenny

Uniform Coordinator/ Property Officer: Sonia Hills

Property Officer - Bryan Smith

General Committee:

David St George, Dani Woodhouse, Wayne Motteram, Ian Putt, Fiona Haig, Christie Nelson, and Grant Van Der Helder.

Webmaster: Bryan Smith           

If you are interested in joining the committee - please email contact@tritonwaterpolo.org

Triton Water Polo Club Constitution

Triton WPC’s Current and New Club Constitution

- Part 1

Triton WPC’s Current and New Club Constitution

- Part 2

Trton Water Polo Club’s previous club constitution

- previous

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