Heather & Jamie on Australian Camp

Triton Club currently have two girls in Camp with Aust Born 2000 Squad training against, NSWIS and QAS teams along with Arizona State College (USA), being held at Sutherland Pool then Sydney Olympic Pool (SOPAC), from 3rd to 11th Jan, 2018.

Heather Laird and Jamie Oberman (pictured @ Sutherland Pool)  are having a great time training morning and night under Coach Dusan Damjanovic & Asst Coach Taryn Woods.  Sydney has certainly put the heat on as they have spent the past week training in 40+ deg heat - welcome to Summer!!!  

They are finishing up Wednesday after spending three final days at SOPAC completing testing and further training.

Triton will also have Matthew Oberman joining the Boys Born 2000 Squad (later on in January) in Sydney where he will have a weeks Camp with games, testing and further training.

All the best to our Triton Club members on their busy schedule in 2018.

Jemma Day