Triton Club Wind Up - Saturday 5th May 2018


What a wonderful turn up of our junior and senior players on Saturday night for our Club wind up.  Families played lawn bowls, enjoyed a yummy meal and drinks and celebrated a great summer season at Triton Waterpolo.  It was also amazing to see many of our Life Members return to the club for the event and there were many catch ups with old friends  and reminiscing over a few social drinks.

Award winners for the night included:


Premier League (Ladies) -  Sam Shead  & Tayla Barbas

Premier League (Men) - Florian Naroska & Hamish St George

A Reserve Women - Danielle Woodhouse & Natalie Hawkes

A Reserve Women - Heather Laird & Alyssa Smith

Division 1 (Men) -  Josh Hughes & Nathan Ainsworth

Division 2 (Women) -  Lara Van Leewen & Bethan Kendall

Division 3 (Women) - Shelda Bairstow, Brierley O’Donnell & Ashley McAvoy

Division 3 (Men ) - Griffin Woodhouse & Lex Agate


U18’s Girls - Heather Laird & Alyssa Smith

U18’s Boys - Matthew Oberman, Ethan Blume & Eoin Dalton

U16 A’s Girls (2018 PREMIERS) -  Erin Gray & Hannah Nelson

U16 A’s Boys - Luke Eiffer & Ethan O’Donnell

U16 B’s Girls (2018 PREMIERS) - Sophie Matthews & Kayana Hubbard

U16 B’s Boys - Jack Thompson & Max Swain

U14 A’s Girls - Brooke Irvine & Allegra Childs

U14 B’s Girls - Celeste Brown & Georgie Day

U14 B’s Boys Gold - Sam Day & Harry Tucker

U14 B’s Boys Blue - Khy Hubbard & Matia Piletic


Rising Star Award -     Jamie Oberman

Bridgette Gusterson Fair Play Award -      Josh Hughes

The Presidents Cup -       Jemma Day

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all of our award winners for this season and a BIG Thank You to everyone who attended the wind up last Saturday night.


Jemma Day