WPWA - Recognition of Prior Training

Please note the email below from Water Polo Western Australia regarding recognition of prior learning accreditation.

Dear Clubs    

Please read email below and follow up with members of your club in regards to their potential recognition of prior training for coaching/ officiating accreditation. 
I have also included information in regards to the prerequisite courses including the working with children check information. 

Recognition of Prior Training (RPT)

As previously advised, the RPT process was available for a limited time (Sept to Dec 2018). The online general application process closed off on the 31st Dec however WPAL allowed us state associations to continue to manually add to the RPT spreadsheets for individuals who qualify for RPT. 

 Please be advised that this temporary extension must be finalised by the 14th Feb 2019. Following this date there will be no opportunity for people to be recognised for past accreditations or experience. I ask that within your club you do one last, very public push as a “last chance” opportunity. Applications for this must be done directly with us. 

We will need to add any last-minute people to the list and finalise all outstanding assessments on the google spreadsheet previously provided by WPAL to us by the 14th Feb at the absolute latest. 

Please do not leave this to the last minute, and let us know if assistance is required.        

 2019 Scheduled Course Price Increase

As per pervious communications, all of the WPA courses were scheduled for a price increase 1 Jan 2019. This was extended to 1 Feb 2019 to allow to the influx and demand for the AYC coaches and referees. Please be advised that on the 1st Feb, these prices were updated officially in the LearningPool, please refer to WPAL website for more information.

Pre- Requisites

Please make sure that your coaches/officials register for the event set up by us for the purpose of keeping records online for the working with children check. Select yes for attendance and upload all information as per the requirement.

Link for the prerequisite courses (events)


Working with children checks, must be done for people over 18 who are officiating or coaching (excluding table officials). All coaches and officials who are not falling into this category must still register to attend the created working with children check "event" and mark themselves exempt from providing working with children numbers. 


How do I finalise your accreditation? 
1.        Log-in to your MemberPool profile page here 
2.        Scroll down to half way down and click on the “LearningPool” button within your account 
3.        Click on “Training Library” in the top right menu bar option 
4.        Select the course you need to (according to the email you received from WPAL) 
5.        Enrol into the course by paying the discounted fee   
6.        You will be shown all modules for the course. The modules you have been recognised for will be marked as “complete” however we encourage you to also look through these modules for your reference. Ensure you complete all the outstanding modules marked as “Begin” to finish your online requirements.    
7.        Ensure your course specific pre-requisite requirements have been completed. For your specific accreditation, you are still required to do the pre-requisites that has been listed on the email from WPAL. If you have done this recently, just upload it via our links provided below. 

Here are the links to get to the pre-requisites via our website: 


You need to register under the event that is linked to the pre-requisite course, then upload the certificate (once course is completed) 
For your information, the blue card is the working with children check in the Eastern States, we call it working with children checks in WA.  

As per WA Legislation, you are exempt from screening, requesting working with children check if you fall into the following categories: 

  • Under 18 years of age

  • Only acting as a table official (secretary or time keeper)

  • You are coaching a team and your child is a member of the team.

The last two points listed above are not valid if you are traveling with the team to interstate competition and as an official staying over night with the team.
If you are traveling with the team you are not exempt from screening for working with children purposes. You still need to complete the registration via the link for working with children and provide all details why you are exempt within your member pool profile.

For information about courses, the different levels in coaching and officiating and to learn more about the process, please refer to our website links below:

Coaches: http://waterpolowa.asn.au/coaching/

Officials/referees: http://waterpolowa.asn.au/referees/

About enrolling to a course as a member of a club or starting the process without being a member of any club, please refer to the learning pool tab via our website: 


Thank you for your interest in coaching and officiating water polo in Western Australia! We do need you and appreciate your time and all the effort you are putting in.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

Thanks, Tibor 

Tibor Seress 
Sport Development Manager 
Water Polo Western Australia Inc. 

PO Box 458 Claremont WA 6910 
P 08 9387 7555 M 0400 512 101 

Bryan Smith