New Water Polo Rules

There are a few new rules being implemented we all need to know and remember. They are being used for the 2019 NWPL and in the Masters competitions.

They are not complex rule changes, they are intended to improve the flow of the game and penalties rule (WP 22) will hopefully protect the attacking player who is driving with the ball inside 6m, they cant be fouled from behind to stop a goal - this is now a penalty shot where previously it was an exclusion.

Have a read of the attached documents as they provide some good interpretations/explanations of the rules.

We will not be implementing the Green cone - we are moving the 5m yellow cone to 6m, and the ref will step 1m to the 5m spot for penalties.

Rule change summary

National WPL Rule summary

FINA Water Polo Rules 2019 - 2021

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Bryan Smith