Memorandum of Understanding(still in draft)

The WA-based National League Teams Memorandum of Understanding (still in draft), facilitated by WA Water polo, involves all WA metro clubs being linked to a Northern or Southern Conference for Premier League. What does this mean for Triton?


There has been a lot of discussion that to play National League a player needs to transfer to one of the 2 clubs with a direct link to National League.

Also that National League is the only pathway to higher aspirations.

The MOU is designed to change these perceptions.

So what?

WA Water polo is facilitating changes to the way Premier League will be run in the 2017/18 season. The goal is to ensure clear pathways for players wanting to play at the highest level, and at the same time improving the profile and competitiveness of all clubs in the Premier League competition.

So How?

A meeting of all metro-based clubs was held in July. From this meeting a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), was developed by WPWA and circulated to all clubs to provide feedback. Once all clubs agree, it will be signed and implemented for the 2017/18 competition.

Both North and South conferences will set up a MOU management committee, of a member from each affiliated club to ensure that the key goals and responsibilities of the MOU are implemented.


There is a lot of detail to be worked out, but the essence of the MOU is that TRITON will be aligned with the UWA National League team, (Northern Conference). A Triton player aspiring to National League has an equal opportunity for selection as an aspiring UWA/City Beach club member, or any other Northern conference affiliated club team member. The result should be stronger clubs, a clear pathway for all players to NL, and an improved and valued Premier League competition.

The reasoning behind the development of the MOU is sound and in the best interest of players and their clubs. The Northern conference includes UWA/City Beach, TRITON, Phantoms and Newman. The Southern conference includes Melville, Dolphins, North Coast, Cockburn, Somerset and Peel.

As details are confirmed TRITON club will keep members informed.

Glenn Townsend (Committee)

Memorandum of Understanding (still in draft)

Bryan Smith