Triton Coaching Wine Fund Raiser

HI Everyone.  
Triton have teamed up with Hay Shed Hill Wines - one of our new BRONZE Sponsors to do a WINE DRIVE……Just in time to stock up for the festive season!

Every case sold Hay Shed Hill Wines will give $40-50 back to Triton to go into our Coaching Fund.  This will ensure we continue to have great coaches at our club - who are supported financially and to be able to provide them with ongoing training, mentoring and support.

Please get behind this Club fundraiser…….and can I ask for all Team Managers to forward this form to your teams. It will also go out in Newsletter next week and there will be some forms up on the Triton Deck at Flippa Ball Friday Night BBQ's and  at our Saturday Home Games.

You can even try before you buy - by visiting the Triton Deck Saturday 27th Oct afternoon to watch our A graders play and have a taste of the wine on offer.

Order Form

Orders in by Friday 9th November - email Elise Brown - or hand back to your Team Manager to hand on.Delivery to Beatty Park On Friday 16th November


Triton Committee

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Bryan Smith