Referees Information Session Season 2019/20

WPWA are gearing up for the start of WPWA Season 2019/20.  

The A Grade competition is set to commence in mid September, while Juniors and other Senior Grades commence in mid October.

 As you are all likely aware, FINA have adopted several rule changes and these were utilised in Gwangju  for the World Championships (mostly...)

 WPWA will be using the updated rules in all Senior and Junior Grades in 2019/20.

 WPWA Referees Commission will be hosting an information session on Wednesday 14th of August 6pm at WAIS (exact meeting room to be confirmed).

 This is your opportunity to learn how the new rules will be applied, from senior referees that officiated AWL and international matches where the rules were in use.

 WPWA strongly encourage all those who wish to be appointed to matches as WPWA referees in Season 2019/20 to attend this session.


Tthis session will also be beneficial for any players intending to be club referees, or simply to hear how the rules have changed.


The rules and other resources can be found here


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Bryan Smith